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Jan 9, 2014 Naomi Campbell's life by the numbers. 7:30 P.M. I don't really like eating past eight if I can help it. So I prefer to have a big lunch and skip .

READ - Naomi Campbell's 10-day juice fast for Versace catwalk show. Campbell's eight-strong 'detoxing' drinks menu goes something like this: pre-shower it's one hot water and lemon with probiotics, one green tea, one blend to boost the immune system, and another with aloe vera (said to help with digestion and immunity).

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Jan 28, 2014 Eating like a 'super' is a full time occupation apparently. In a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar US , 43-year-old supermodel Naomi .

Csillagok Háborúja Smink Celebek Csillagok Színésznők Celebek Lánytestvérek Humanity Restored Srácok Előre Demi Moore It seemed actress Demi Moore was going to stay forever young: she kept her body looking amazing after giving birth to three kids, and she was married to Ashton Kutcher, 16 years younger.

24 Hours With Naomi Campbell 5 A.M. wake-up time, 3 juice cleanses a week, 2 dogs—the supermodel's life by the numbers.

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Check out the Naomi Campbell diet plan above to see how she stays in red carpet shape! Using a combination of high intensity workouts and strict diet plans, celebrities are able to stay in amazing.

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Naomi Campbell beach workout Naomi Campbell Diet Plan. It’s not feasible to have a perfectly sculpted figure unless you bow your head to a balanced diet and calorie burning workouts.

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